Wednesday, 13 June 2007

The pressure is on...

Worrying email from the Scheduler this morning telling me that my hot new Chav/Peasant reality show Salopes Anglaises "won't play on the EPG" and had I considered that the title would "alienate all non-French speaking viewers". Christ. Do they not realise I am a digital channel and therefore able to do what the fuck I want with my titles (or should that be 'f**k').

I simply must sign off Salopes this week. PLUS get at least five more edgy ideas off the ground and into paid development.

I've been thinking hard about Salopes and if we can cast some real working class chavettes to play historical 'peasants' it could give the whole format some more 'grit'. Emailed my latest thoughts to Hincksy. He's suggesting a P/D I've never fucking heard of before. I really need someone with a strong track record in 'chav reality' or at the very least Wife Swap. I'm not going to accept any old fucking desperate jobbing director on this one!

Massive relief to see that Bertie has signed on as Series Editor. Hincksy had to go out to the fucking Dordogne at the weekend (alright for some!) and literally beg him on his hands and knees to commit a day a week for the next eight months (this is a man who "doesn't do multi-channel darling" so I suppose I should be celebrating a coup of sorts).

I've never felt such pressure riding on one commission ever before in my career. Even with old, trusted hands like Bertie and Hincksy on board, I know I'm going to need to be across this like the nastiest rash on the face of the earth.

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Poppy Rose said...

good luck with it!!!!!
Poppy Rose :D