Friday, 8 June 2007


Hot tip-off: Michaela said she saw Simon Arkwright III coming out of a meeting with Rubin, C4's floppy haired sex-obsessed wunderkind, in very high spirits - laughing and slapping each other on the back. Apparently Arkwright was carrying a pair of red boxing gloves (!)

Shit! Have I missed out on something here with that dire relationship format of his? Why is Rubin so keen?

Called Arkwright up immediately and left a voicemail:

"Si, I've been thinking about 10 Rounds With the Wife. I think there might be a place for it at 10pm, so why don't you send me a 1-pager and I'll discuss it with Fifi"

I have absolutely NO intention of commissioning it but at least I can delay it going to my rivals at Horseferry Rd. And it will certainly keep Rubin-the-fop on his twinkly little toes.

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Sad Old Bastard said...

As someone in the middle of a career hiatus [Boss's Wife / Christmas Party / Bottle of Absinthe..] can you give me an insight into how to become so successful so quickly ?? Apprentice was useless - absolutely no tips there apart from licking Alan Sugar's arse - hmm.. Don't go there...