Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Hands off my bonus

It's all very well Thommo and Fifi throwing away their bonuses, but I bloody well hope they're not expecting me to be doing the same.

I work damn fucking hard at my job, and the least I expect is to have my handsome remuneration package be properly honoured. It's not my fault that Thommo screwed up on the licence fee, and besides, I *am* going to be hitting my 'performance objectives' this year by lifting the Youth Channel out from the seedy doldrums I inherited and turning it into the "spiky", "itchy" force it should have always been.

I am worth every single penny of what I get paid [still nothing compared to what Kevin, Luke and Julian pick up at C4], so stick that up the Corporation's 'remuneration committee' diversity quota backside.

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