Friday, 29 June 2007

Bombs in London

How would the cops from Life On Mars deal with what happened to London on 7th July?

Fucking brainwave here. Going to call the brilliant (if slightly barmy) Jane Featherstone at Kudos right away.

My genius idea is not about transporting modern police officers back to the corrupt times of the seventies. No, it's about bringing DC Gene Hunt and his gang forward in time, and get them to tackle the current wave of Al-Qaeda unrest right now, and right here in 2007, Sweeney-style.

I know Life On Mars is an A-List Corporation franchise, but so fucking what? This show is ripe for the Youth Channel. A perfect, clever and very modern way of telling the story of the current Muslim unrest in this country without having to resort to dull and complex Newsnight-style overbearing methods of reportage.

Boy, am I on one hell of a fucking roll today!


Anonymous said...

"the brilliant (if slightly barmy) Jane Featherstone".... that would be 'slightly barmy' as in 'with plans for world domination' then?

BPP said...

Even better if you could dig up the bones of John Thaw, somewhow reanimate them using science, stick the bugger in a Cortina with Waterman, and send them off to Afghansitan to show Alan Kayeeda and his pack of fanatical cronies what's what. Shove Lewis Collins and Martin Shaw in the back seat and the terrorists could wave freedom good-fucking-bye. Ye and Ha!

Anonymous said...

better thought ... round up the knife-weilding asbo award winning teenage twats from all over the country, strap parachutes on their backs and drop them high in the Afgan hills. Given their love of turf wars, let's see how the little bastards fare with the Osama crew.

Anonymous said...

... or send over a load of doctors.