Friday, 15 June 2007

Burlesque Babes for Friday nights?

An exec called Mark Cooper from the in-house Music department emailed me something that caught my attention this afternoon. It was about 'burlesque' and how the nightlife of London is *totally* swinging to this "sexy, cheeky and saucy revival" [his words, not mine].

Mmmm I can feel a stirring...

Must admit the idea of some v scantily-clad glamourous girls tottering about in 9-inch high heels wearing next to nothing but feather boas and performing routines *does* sound like something quite provocative for the Youth Channel.

BUT.... I asked him, what evidence does he have to suggest that people [other than myself, naturally] will want to watch it?

This Cooper chap emailed me straight back: "If you want proof, why don't I take you out to one of the top Burlesque clubs??" I gulped and felt a tiny drip of sweat develop on my brow. His email continued: "Actually, fuck that! My favourite Burlesque troupe Renegade Burlesque are performing at a friends private party tomorrow night. Wanna come?"

Jesus. That sounds like one fuck of a hot night!! think I'll take Cooper up on his offer (it's not as if I've got much else lined up for the weekend). Besides - who knows? - it might *actually* be fun. I haven't had a chance to 'let my hair down' in such a long time.

I casually mentioned burlesque nights to Anthony, and he shrugged his shoulders and said 'the scene' was 'high camp', very tame and nothing to worry about: "It's not like going down to Spearmint Rhino and paying for a lapdance or anything!"

Damn. That's a shame.

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sootynsweep said...

So how were the Burlesque troupe? Looked like it could have been fun but non of the girls appearing on the site you linked to seemed to offer potential for developing your brand long term, although I am sure they put on quite a performance in front of such a high performing power player from the world of TV.