Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Lygo (finally) emails back....

This just came through. I opened it nervously, instantly reminded of the somewhat fragile mental state I was in when I emailed my old boss right in the middle of that fucking Ofcom Celebrity Big Brother storm.

SUBJECT:RE:Re What's all the fuss about?

Dear TVC,

I have my hands fucking busy dealing with Diana today so please forgive the brief response. No doubt you are aware that the shit has ‘royally’ hit the fan here. Prince Charles was on the blower for 20 minutes blathering on about my integrity. The Board are twitchy. Every right wing Christian nutjob is calling the switchboard to complain. Ofcom slapping us on the wrist for your handling of CBB is nothing compared to the stuff I’m having to deal with on this.

Look, shit happens. Andy and me (and Julian) have tremendous respect for what you did whilst you were at the Channel. But you’ve got to stand on your own two feet now.


What a patronising cock cheese! I definitely need an informal lunch meet with Kevin to properly lay down my legacy. He needs to be reminded of what a fucking great ship I left behind for the likes of Andy Mac and Angela to go and cock up. I instruct Anthony to ring Helen Pickett A-S-A-fucking-P.

Records need to be set straight here. And fucking fast.

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