Tuesday, 12 June 2007

My Wet Room

I've decided I need a wet room at home.

Ben Gale was talking about his newly installed wet room over our tedious lunch today. He had it finished at the weekend and thought I'd like to know "how refreshed" and "alive to the day" it makes him feel.

If there's one trait I can't stand in people it's bragging. Gale spent a good 10 minutes going into obscene detail about the "spanish imported ceramics"... and kept asking me (smugly) why I didn't have one. So after picking at my salad ni├žoise (without the anchovies) listening to him drone on, and on.... AND ON I made my excuses and headed back up to the 6th floor.

Within the hour Anthony had made some urgent enquiries, and arranged for the head designer from Edwins Bathrooms to visit me this evening for a free consultation.

(It will certainly beat watching another tedious installment of Britain's Got Talent - although that Amanda Holden is one hot fucking minx!)

Gale could really do with being a bit more fucking focused on actually finding some hits for My Channel, rather than boring everyone with how "the steam versus heat ratio" keeps his skin feeling so "invigorated".



Anonymous said...

This is disturbing.

Somehow, I can't get the image of Ben Gale getting himself all 'alive' and 'refreshed' in his wet room....

I think I'll have to go lie down....in the foyer...

Anonymous said...

So that's how BW keeps his balding pate so shiny.

Anonymous said...

Amanda Holden is a munter. Grade A pig in pants. And Les Dennis has been up there fingers first. Enough.

Paula Yates said...

A wet room for wet men. Who knew it could such an easy equation?