Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Dead Diana on C4 = PR genius!

Top marks to my pal [and personal PR advisor] James Herring. Texted him this morning to congratulate him on getting some brilliant "noise" for Hamish The Boffin's Diana film due to air tonight. Whilst loitering with a skinny latte-on-ice in the 'Stage Door' area at TVC, I noticed that ALL FIVE screens (that simultaneously broadcast the Corporation's worldwide output) were showing The Boffin on BBC fucking Breakfast justifying the dead Diana photo "controversy". Incredible.

Herring is a fucking genius. I actually saw the final cut of this film before I departed Horseferry Road and it's nothing much. I heard a whisper that Kevin was v v worried that it would disappear with a whimper UNLESS the media were able to whip themselves up into a stupendous frenzy over SOMETHING in it. And that's where Herring stepped in.

Even though the Corporation and some ten-bob-note snooze-digital channels have used the same pics of dead Diana in other programmes before, Herring made sure that a few in-the-know media hacks got anonymous DVDs A MONTH AGO - a 2-minute clip from the film that features the oh-so-controversial images. Herring - shrewd fucking operator that he is - also advised Kevin to broadcast the film earlier than planned knowing that with Blair on his extended farewell tour, there would be fuck all else for hacks to report on.

Herring certainly knows how to whip up a fucking storm. I wonder if Luke "Grandad" Johnson knows how much they pay him?! Anyway, glad I've got him on my fucking team, even if he does cost me a small fortune!

Sigh, I must admit that it is at times like these that I miss the thrill and the chase and the pure excitement of life in the commercial television sector.

Lucky fucking Julian.

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