Monday, 4 June 2007

Things kick off with Salopes Anglaises

Fifi hauled me into her office first thing this morning to talk about my first commission for the youth channel. I was expecting - at the very least - a pat on the fucking back, but (as I'm learning fast) that is not always the ├╝ber bitch's style.

She said she had become "a little alarmed" that I had gone ahead and signed off the Ed Spec on Endemol's brilliant 8 x 60' Salopes Anglaises without consulting people like Martin Davidson and Emma Swain first.


"Fifi, I really didn't feel the need to have some sort of final consultation with Martin and his people on this one. Tim has a very accomplished team on the job - and their track record in hybrid reality formats speaks for itself"

Fifi asked why I hadn't just given them some development money and held back on turning it straight into a commission "...just under two weeks into the job, when surely you're still finding your feet?".

Fuck me. No wonder this Channel has stagnated under such a heavy weight of caution. I'm pretty sure this wasn't the sales pitch she hit me with way back in March when I was first sounded out for the job.

I smiled and assured her this would be a compelling, stand-out show which had "itchy", "reality' and "hit" written all over it. But as soon as I got back to the office I put a call in to Bertie, Mr Big Shot, and told him to name his price.

I can't afford to fuck up on this one.

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