Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Brian Hill's Singing Sex Offenders

Christ, I thought I had escaped the 'Singing Documentary' genre, but that bastard Brian Hill (previously responsible for docu-musicals like this) has somehow managed to stalk me in my new job. Got this email today:

FROM: bhill@century.com
TO: TVC-01@corporation.co.uk
SUBJECT:Inside the Mind of a Sex Offender

First off, massive congratulations on the new job. I hope you are settling in well.

I've got a number of ideas that I'd really like to run by you - some of which I know that Julian and Ben Gale were quite keen on.

In fact Julian gave me some development money for Inside The Mind of a Sex Offender - Simon Armitage has now written a stunning script for this, and we have worked very hard for several months to get great access to HM Prescoed.

Can Simon and I come in and get some kind of update from you about how you see this progressing?


Why-oh-fucking-why does he assume that just because the previous incumbent gave him the time of day I'm going to suddenly greenlight his bonkers new docu-musical?

I get these type of emails one hundred-fold day in, day out. Desperate sales pitches from desperate execs trying to peddle their latest crop of shit. I'll bet my life that he's already had this idea rejected at least twice by Channel 4, and here he is (again) hoping I'll let his poxy idea slip quietly through the back door just because "Julian gave me some development money".

When will someone have the fucking guts to pitch me something Ambitious, Noisy AND Interesting for a change??!!

Is it any wonder that I have to depend on people I know and trust (like Hincksy) to deliver me killer formats that are guaranteed to rate?


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