Sunday, 10 June 2007

I never make mistakes, but...

Mistake One - Opening my Blackberry emails on a Sunday. When will I ever learn?!

Mistake Two - Reading a 2 page missive sent by Richard Klein at 9pm on Friday. He's 'concerned' at my lack of appreciation for his department and says that my new Fact-Lite brief has forced him 'back to the drawing board'. Sounds like excuses, excuses, ex-fucking-scuses to me. Will haul him into my office for a 'heart-to-heart' and a 'clearing of the air' (followed by a swift kick in the proverbial bollocks!)

Mistake Three - Opening an email from Moonbeam Films (not again...) pitching me an idea called Kentucky Fried Children, a 'searing expose of child labour in the fast food industry'. Is there no way I can block emails from outside the M25?!

Mistake Four - Copied in on an angry email from Programme Finance re: Endemol's submitted budget for Salopes Anglaises £200k OVER my slot price. What is Hincksy trying to do? Torpedo the project before it's even started? He's even got a line in for 'Buying a 17th century French Farmhouse'. Doesn't he know my humble tariffs? Sent him a text: "H, please scale back your ambitions ASA-fucking-P or it will never get thru".

Mistake Five - Everyone else is outside enjoying the glorious sunshine whilst I'm stuck indoors drafting my first inter-departmental cross platform briefing document outlining my 'holistic' 1080 degree channel vision (Worried. Should I call it '360 degree x 3'?).

It's moments like these that I realise why I am being paid such a handsome renumeration package (incl Bupa, uncapped expense account, 30 days annual leave, company driver and 4 free tickets to Wimbledon)...

... because I'm a work-a-fucking-holic!


AndrewT said...

Some of us beyond the M25 are nice!

thegirl said...

I'm working on a Sunday too. Wanna shout me a Wimbledon ticket?

Anonymous said...

but when will you get rid of ''two pints of lager and a packet of crisps please ''

who finds it funny ? why is it on every thirty minutes ?