Thursday, 14 June 2007

Panic over! Phew!

Ed just called to say that Ros has arrived back at base safe and well.

Turns out that having met 'Brian' at the Tescos car-park at midnight last night, she was "gently pursuaded" to take a trip to Cornwall in the back of his battered transit van.

'Brian' drove her all over the county giving her an unflinching guided tour of how 'Padstein' had been over-run by "The Rich" and forced the poor girl to whip her brand-new Z1 camera out and film "the fuckin' evidence". Yikes. Heavy stuff!!

She managed to get on a train at Plymouth and make it back to London in one piece by lunchtime.

I said to Ed: "Whilst I'm glad that Ros is back home, safe and sound, I have to ask the obvious question. Do we have a film on our hands here?"

With that, Ed hung up.

Was it something I said??

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