Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Obama 4 President

I've identified a fantastic career opportunity and must act on it A.S.A-fucking-P!

Yesterday I was working up my 5 year Forward Planning Career Trajectory with Claude, my new NLP tutor - when a brainwave hit me: the person I most admire in the world right now is Barack Obama.

Young, charismatic, unafraid to speak his mind, down with the kids - all the qualities I'd like to think define my Media Brand.

So I begged Peter Barron for his phone number and put in a latenight call to his press office.

The chat with "his people" went well I think. I'm now waiting on a firm agreement by fax that he'll agree for My Channel to make an access-all-areas film about his run for President! Our cameras will meet his wife Michelle and two daughters, be privy to his most intimate thoughts, and learn about his political goals and ambitions.

Yes!! With some careful handling I might be able to cement my future place in history:

'Chief of Communications, Office of the President'

Has quite a nice ring to it, don't you think?


Anonymous said...

...and in 5 years' time, ABC can commission a sitcom all about your itchy antics on Pennsylvania Avenue.

"White Spin City" (ho ho).

Maybe not poor old Michael J as you, however. Am thinking Rupert Everett? Or Segal?

Anonymous said...

or possibly David Spade?

he might have the right mix of cutting wit and metrosexual style to play you.

you could always buy in the docu thats probably being made by his supporters and then re-cut it. just make sure they're using time-of-day timecodes to clear up any doubt from your Youth Trust Group.

Anonymous said...

No. Not .. ahem... *George* Segal (before Wordsmith quite rightly jumps on me). How about:

Jason Alexander: The TVC (Jewish, neurotic, desperate, desperately out-of-touch, irresponsible, sexually passive-aggressive, deluded, childish, petulant...)

Lesley Douglas: normal Nikki Faber

Stefan Dennis: Paul Lassiter (eh?)

Les Dennis: Carter Haywood

Kaplinski: Stacy Paterno, the Euro-vamp secretary

Ashley Highfield: Stuart Bondek

Peter Fincham: the Mayor