Wednesday, 13 June 2007

How to play Derren now?

Anthony is a bit too fucking dilligent sometimes. I've just got back from *another* particularly depressing lunch with Ben Gale (this time, banging on about his wife's new SLK merc) to be greeted by my gay PA telling me that he had finally managed to secure a discreet hour with Andrew O'Connor and his business partner Michael Vine to talk Derren Brown. Shit. I'd totally forgotten that I made a big thing about wanting to bring Derren to My Channel, but got warned off by Fifi in no uncertain terms. So what the fuck am I supposed to discuss with O'Connor and Vine TOMORROW NIGHT at Century Club for a fucking hour?!.

Maybe I'll just play it nice and cool, say to O'Connor, "Are you guys happy with what you're getting from Channel 4 right now? Because I know (as an outgoing exec there, and a Very Important Person remember) that Derren is totally undervalued by Kevin, and just doesn't appreciate what he brings to the Channel."

Just unsettle them a little; start to sow those important seeds of doubt so that I can come back in six months and pounce properly when Fifi et al are on side.

Fuck it. Maybe O'Connor will just do a few tricks for me with matches or something, and we'll enjoy it, and all shake hands firmly at the end without having to talk 'business' about Derren's future.

I wish there was someone I trusted who I could turn to about this.


Dryana Bowie said...

How about giving Stuart Murphy a call ... he's not busy.

Stuart 'mary' Murphy said...

Hey! Fuck off. I am fucking busy. Twat.

Tacky Bell said...

You know my fee. Pay it, and we'll talk.

Anonymous said...

Oh man... just look what you have to put up with, you've got ask yourself a question: is it worth the money?