Thursday, 17 May 2007

Blue Peter sacking scandal

Richard Marson, Blue Peter's dedicated footsoldier, fell on his sword today; which an insider (ie me) leaked to the press as "not entirely coincidental".

My official 'Meet and Greet the New Channel Controller' was cancelled as a result, with the top brass rushing around all day like headless bloody chickens.

Outrageous. Is this how the Corporation deals with a crisis? Haven't they learnt a fucking thing post-Hutton?




Take Celebrity Big Brother for example. It's a masterclass - if I don't say so myself - in avoiding the shit that's flying around. Quote some Virginia Woolf in a respected publication, big up your public service credentials and DENY DENY DE-FUCKING-NY any involvement whatsoever in making what other people consider to be catastrophic errors of judgement. Racism? Purleeeese. If Nav (of Indian parentage remember) thinks it's OK - then that's fine by me.

But here at the Corporation it's a completely different story. I'm very worried at the way Fifi has hung the Editor out to dry rather than go on the attack and defend his position. Sounds to me like a junior researcher fucked up anyhow, so it's staggering to me why they'd rather axe the Editor than a media graduate on £200 a week.

Let this be a lesson to me. I'm about to push the boundaries in the multi-channel TV landscape so I had better watch my back. There's bound to be some fallout from the Bold, Brave, Edgy programme strategy I'm planning to push through...

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