Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Do Transexual Biologists rate?

Just got a call from Sam at Betty TV.

She is really keen for me to have lunch with a 26-year-old Cambridge Biology graduate called Tiffany B who has been doing some short pieces for a new MTV show called Burn My Bra (I don't ask).

Sam reckons that Tiffany has enough about her to take on a full show by herself, probably authored. What's fantastic, Sam babbles, is that "Tiff" self funded her way through university by working as a pole dancer (upsetting a lot of dons along the way), and still managed to get the highest First (in both practical and dissertation) that anyone had seen in 13 years.

I'm used to hearing this kind of PR crap constantly (Channel Controllers face a daily deluge of wild and exaggerated claims from desperate folk), but when Sam mentioned that Tiffany was born a man I suddenly perked up and stopped doodling on my Blackberry.

She said I already had her pic so I quickly scrawled through my inbox to find it.

Okay, fair enough. She's no oil painting. But that's not the point. Perhaps there is something in this that goes a lot fucking further than that lazy reality show Brighter Pictures did a few years back.

I tell Sam I'll have a think and get back to her.

I'm not ashamed to admit that I had a raging erection for the rest of the day...

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