Thursday, 17 May 2007

Why is Steve Gowans more popular than me?


How come Steve-Acting-All-Serious-With-His-Arms-Folded-Like-A-Twat-Gowans, a mere commissioning editor, has forty seven friends on myspace?

I only have one.

I've been 'live' for over an hour and nothing much is happening. The one bloke who is my 'friend' is called Tom. Everyone (I am told) gets Tom as their friend. He's like the annoying clingy kid at school who attached themselves to the popular people. Well I don't need or want Tom. This will not do.

I have asked Anthony (I'm realising that gay PAs do have their uses) to plug into his Gaydar network and get them to all link to my site. By the amount of time he spends on the phone, I reckon this could very well be the entire northwest region of London.

(Obviously when I say 'asked' I mean 'ordered')

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