Sunday, 20 May 2007

Offered a line

Sorry, but it's been bugging me ever since I got home and started watching the evening back on Skyplus:

About half-way through my night of BAFTA hell I went to the loo, and was accosted by a very, very very high-ranking ITV drama executive. What really got me was that he made absolutely no pretense about it: he wanted me to "do a line" with him "for old times sake". And he said all of this with Ant from 'Ant and Dec' in earshot (he was in the middle of a spectacularly long piss at the time).

I will state quite clearly now for the record that I have NEVER EVER indulged in illegal drugs in my lifetime, and just because I'm a high powered TV Controller doesn't mean I plan on starting now.

The Exec in question ought to know that I have marked his card accordingly.

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