Thursday, 10 May 2007

Fuck Broadcast

I am stunned...stunned... fucking stunned by the tone of my profile piece. Broadcast have really burnt their bridges with me on this one, I'll tell you that for nothing. There must have been someone from above subbing it to death because I got absolutely no hint of the 40 minutes of MY time explaining to the hack the ins and outs of my new channel strategy. They just went for the lowest common denominator (so predictable) of ‘personality politics’. So what if I’ve upset a few people in my time. You don’t rocket up the corporate food chain like a rat up a drainpipe by being nice to everyone you meet, do you? You’ve got to know your mind and stick to your principles.

It started well...

"He's got a razor sharp instinct for what makes compelling television” Very true – thank you Michaela.

"His incredible skill is to take serious social issues and give them a soft format twist" Thank you Goldberg, my old, old, boss and one-time mentor.

"Devastatingly bright and one of the most shrewd and calculating commissioning editors I've ever worked with” This was double-edged but I took it as a compliment.

But then there was an anonymous quote from an independent producer saying I was "arrogant and not very well liked" and suddenly the piece starting dissecting my cack-handling of Celebrity bloody Big Brother, something I was at pains not to mention in my phone interview.

“I wouldn't be the first exec to question his passion for TV – he’s just a numbers man” This is blatantly not true – I love TV, I love the arts and literature (especially Dickens). I have passion.

I mean, what the fuck kind of opinion led tittle-tattle journalism is this?!

There’s also a poll asking whether I was a good appointment. 76% voted no. Seventy- fucking– six percent think having the last gimp in office is better than me. I know I may have upset a few people in my time, but this is ridiculous. What should I do about it? Just ignore it? No, surely not. Especially as it comes just four days before I roll into the Corporation and assume the mantle that I rightly fucking deserve, thankyouverymuch - "There are some that doubt he is ready for such a huge, public remit job" - Fuck off.

Called James Herring and it went straight to voicemail (surprise surprise). He fucking suggested I do the piece in the first place so let him sort out the flack.

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