Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Meet my Development lackies

It's been quite a while since I actually had my own development staff so you can imagive how delighted I was to find out there is a small team of development researchers plugged in to all things 'Channel Youth', slaving away 24/7 to work up ideas exclusively for me.

How exciting!

At Horseferry Road, I could never get away with this from fear of upsetting indies and the PACT police. But, thankfully, here at the Corporation they make their own rules - so fuck PACT!

I got introduced to my creative lackies first thing this morning. There are three of them. First up is McDonald (yes, he prefers to go by his surname for some inane reason, don't fucking ask me why) who sports a ginger goatee, wears a baseball cap (even at his desk) and spends a lot of his time with little white earphones on, whilst concentrating furiously at his desktop. Ben Gale tells me that he's been responsible for getting most of the Fuck Off I'm... films off the ground. If that is indeed the case, then McDonald is going to be told to Fuck Off and get his P45 very fucking soon.

Then there is Jo (a foxy brunette) who I'm told recently joined from Endemol. I'll give Hincksy a call to get the lowdown on her. She doesn't seem particularly impressed when I sit down next to her at her desk for a chit chat. But I do like the fact that she wears sexy fishnets. Always a bonus for any office.

Finally, I meet Stevie, who comes across as the silent type. He's northern and I am told that Richard Klein rates him because he has a "very anti-PC approach to popular factual." Mmmm. We shall see...

Must admit, I really *hate* inheriting staff, especially creatives. Their minds are way too attuned to the previous incumbent, so I'll have to beat that out of them very fucking sharpish. Metaphorically speaking, of course.

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