Saturday, 12 May 2007

Is it because I'm a Jew?

During today's very relaxing back massage at The Refinery (by the same woman who treats Dermot's dodgy back) I started thinking about why people dislike me in the industry so much. Why do they resent me for my success? Andrea Wong just laughs when she hears about how much flack I'm getting when my shows rate through the roof but get panned nevertheless. Only in England! she says.

Sometimes I feel the world is against me.

And let's face it, there's always a Jew-sploitation edge to their criticism of me. Oh, he's so shrewd, so cunning. They may as well just come out with it and call me Fagan.

They think we Jews are like a drug cartel running the media, controlling what the public consume, making a mint in the process. Well, let me be completely straight with you here: we are. We're better, cleverer, more canny and we deserve every success we get. So what if I prefer to spend my free-time with the Jewish friends that I grew up with instead of other middle-class leftie Execs?

Drifted off during mid mind-rant and when I came round I felt great afterwards. A quick beard sculpt later and I looked great too. I felt proud being a Jew.

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