Friday, 18 May 2007


Still getting to grips with the place. It's immense. And to think that the likes of Forsyth and Lineker have traipsed the same (featureless) hallways as me, is quite surreal. It reminds me of my old Oxford halls of residence.

Had an unpleasant experience today on the way to the creative nerve centre on the 6th floor when I accidentally got off the lift on the wrong floor. I tried cutting through, hoping to meet up with the stairs on the other side, but had to take a detour to avoid some building works and, well, after trying to follow signs to B4205 - B4255 I was well and truly lost. And that's when it happened..... I rounded a corner and discovered a huge furniture graveyard stretching out before me; old relic swivel chairs, desks circa 1983 and IBM computer monitors piled up across an entire floor and left to rot. The dust layer was probably half and inch thick.

Whipped out my corporate Blackberry to send Anthony an email: "URGENT: Help! Fucking lost in furniture graveyard floor in TVC..." Five minutes later he found me and escorted me back upstairs to the safety of my office. I was physically shaking. He chuckled to himself (chuckled to himself would you fucking believe it!) and said I wasn't the first...

Quick as a flash I spat: "I wasn't lost (you little shit) I was just exploring."

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