Thursday, 31 May 2007

What was Davina wearing?!

What on earth was Davina wearing? Who's idea was the banshee-rock-whore look? I'm sure Powers couldn't have been the one to suggest it (I was always telling her to keep Davina looking 'classic') so I can only think that Edgar 'Just Got Up' Jones must have lent an unhelpful hand. Fucking eejit.

On principal, I didn't really feel like tuning in to watch BB8. It felt slightly grubby and disloyal... but not in a nice way. Still, I couldn't help myself. I've just watched it back now TWICE on Sky+ and will send my scribbled notes to Hincksy tomorrow (He always said he valued my creative input).

Massive fuck up with the casting. Where was Jesus, the mad albino hispanic hip hop/breakdancer? His sexist views were going to be a real cultural talking point in the house. Where was Bee? She was my favourite: a size double zero nymphet performance artist with a huge fucking great big tattoo of a bee on her face.

Worst of all was that Kevin has shied away from casting both of the Muslim girls Asiya and Faatin (on Endemol's final A-A-A list) who were part of my brave attempt to confront the current religio-political climate, but in easily digestible chunks for a downmarket popular peak audience. Have Channel 4 lost their edge? God, I am so glad I left when I did....

Good to see they carried through my idea for the twins though. However I always saw it as a male/female twin *just* in case we struck lucky after one bottle of Cava too many and it turned into a randy 'Cement Garden'-inspired orgy.

[The less said about the elderly dykes the better. Fucking hell, for one minute I thought I saw my Mum rock into the house. If I had a pound for every 'lipstick lesbo' season I've ever been pitched I would be richer than Simon Shaps. How many times do I have to say this: Dykes Do Not Rate!]

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