Tuesday, 29 May 2007

My memo causes a stir

My memo has had the desired effect. I can see the buzz spread around the open plan office as people open their emails and start reading.

Richard Klein is the first to email me back:
What exactly do you mean by 're-inventing factual for people who don't want to watch factual?' Rx
Jesus, and I thought he was the bright maverick in the team? Do I have to spell this out for him V-E-R-Y ...S-L-O-W-L-Y...?

When I say 'factual for people who don't want to watch factual' I mean we need to be
less obvious about the factual content of our factual shows. Think more about hybrids eg. factual which collides with entertainment. But, crucially, these are NOT 'factual entertainment'. I'd prefer to call it Fact-lite or Entertaining Factual. So, to be clear, I'd like you to think about more stealth factual shows - which are clearly factual in tone, but Fact-lite in content, and therefore less demanding on the viewer than the current heavy factual output.

Could you russle up a few ideas for me to look at by the end of the week?

BTW, great work on
Coast- one of my favourite shows of last year.

Warm regards,
I can only hope that this has clarified things for him. Poor bloke, must be under a lot of stress.

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Spangle said...

First time I met Kleinsey he had just started at BBC4. He began the pitching session by announcing 'it's the channel for people who don't watch television'. And indeed, no-one watched it for ages. Genius!