Thursday, 3 May 2007

It's Fifi not FiFi

Forgot to mention how I very narrowly avoided a faux pas disaster after the Charlotte St meeting...she's called 'Fifi' not 'FiFi' (!) She insisted we grabbed a quick coffee after the people from Castaway went, and when she presented her Mastercard to the waiter it all suddenly dawned on me. I'd completely misinterpreted the spelling of her first name.

I made sure to ask Fifi how she felt the meeting had gone, complimented her handling of the situation and slipped in how I couldn't wait to roll up my sleeves and get stuck in. Didn't mention the Hartlepool McDonalds story just yet. Will talk properly to Michaela first thing to make sure she's got the access nailed super tight. Cannot afford any New Boy slip ups. Not on my watch. I've got way bigger fish to fucking fry.

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