Thursday, 24 May 2007

Look at the shit I get pitched

There was one important detail I left out of my Commissioning Crisis memo which might help explain the situation we now find ourselves in: ALL THE IDEAS I GET PITCHED ARE SHIT!

This morning, some (no-doubt) aspiring researcher in-house at BBC Scotland had the temerity to actually email me this directly:

"Hi TVC - I just wanted to let you know of something really mental that's going to be happening up our way in Durness this summer. I reckon we could make a really interesting, quirky one-off about how this is going to come together. I know the man behind it personally and he has Michael Eavis-like ambitions up here. In fact, I've already shot a taster tape with him and his wife on his farm talking about the event. He is John Lennon-mad! I'd love to send you the tape."

He or she (I didn't even bother to check their name) included this link in the email to, in their words, "help illustrate the story".

Christ, this is what I cannot stand about working for the Corporation. The idea that some kid in bloody Glasgow not only has the ability to email me direct without having to go through the proper channels, but that they are probably encouraged to do so by their bosses (naively thinking that we're 'All One').

Well, Scotland producers, we're most certainly fucking not. You do your job and I'll get on here in London and fucking do mine. And if this is really the best you can give me, forget it. It might pass for something on the news website, but it doesn't justify me having to waste five seconds of my life writing you a fucking pretend-polite email back.

God, I hate the "regional" people.

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Anonymous said...

Dear TV Controller,
whilst at first I found your blog amusing and enlightening, but now the constant criticism of like-wise powerful people and their projects really gets on my nerves. You come over as quite arrogant and self-centred on this blog, and especially with that keylogger issue, sacking Stevie and betraying Craig, the leftie, that gives the appearance of you being a horrible person with a lack of empathy.
Can't you write some positive blog entries and be nice to your staff and tell us about your garden?
When I read your blog I am actually soooo happy that I am not based in London and have a nice positive partner and am in general kept properly down-to-Earth by friends and environment.
It is really sad to read about the lack of meaningful and important issues in your life and you hurting other people's feelings and you to write such mean things.