Friday, 18 May 2007

Hideously Brown

Note to self: there seem to be an awful lot of successful middle class Asian women working in the Corporation.

Did Dyke get it wrong?

I think we need a new initiative to help the careers of white working class males who find their progress being blocked by this brown bias. Clearly, something is going on.

Have decided to dust off a few old diversity schemes and, perhaps, hire a Diversity Über Chief who can come in and sack a few Asians... start appealing to a wider workforce... correct the Corporation's inbalance...that sort of thing.

As Aaqil once told me, there's nothing like a multicultural debate to appease the downtrodden and generate some 'heat' in the press. It would be tremendously useful if my staff think I care about their shitty inconsequential careers and this new 'Brown Task Force' may be the ticket to boost my popularity internally.

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