Thursday, 3 May 2007

No killer on board, no film

Nice text from Nigel this morning saying how much he looks forward to working with me. Must keep vigilant, he's a smooth operator.

Also, lo and behold, turned on fucking BBC Breakfast and there's a huge story about the McDonalds murderer. He was some sort of disgruntled ex-employee and suddenly we're talking about a sociopathic revenge killing element to the film. Furious that Michaela is not across this and starting to doubt her level of access. Fired off an angry text to her: No killer on board, no film. Will have to see what she pulls out the bag.

Feeling slightly bored with all this time on my hands. Might pop into town later and see the new exhibition at the Photographer's Gallery from the people who collect thrown away photos.

There must be a TV format in this......

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