Tuesday, 15 May 2007

I cancel my entire output for 2008/9

Managed to get out of the H&S by 4.45pm and now it's late. 8pm. I'm brain numb, still in the office, and my first chance to wade through the paperwork in my (already) overflowing inbox tray. Seems like a lot of paperwork marked FAO: The Channel Controller which turn out to be the important proposals forwarded from the Genre heads waiting for my final tick.

I had a quick thumb through: The Foreigner Borrowers (?); St*r F*ckers (!) and some dodgy 'race swap' format called Black My Bitch Up.

Also, would you believe it, an Anthea-fucking-Turner vehicle called Anthea: Perfect Lay which is trying to do a Sex Inspectors transformation for single spinsters. Pulled the figures off Anthony’s computer and was staggered to learn that Perfect Housewife was our top rating factual show of 2006. My jaw nearly dropped off. Why-oh-why-oh-why is MY channel resurrecting the dead careers of failed daytime presenters?!? This is not good enough.

Without much hesitation I have decided to cancel ALL of these proposals.

I don't want to give the impression that the new boy is a soft touch; here simply to rubberstamp what the last controller was doing.

Fired off a stinging email to Gale, Swain, Klein and the rest of the cohorts: "These simply will not do. We urgently need to review our commissioning strategy for 08/09" and went home, happy for the first time since arriving.

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