Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Fuck Drama

Fifi emailed tonight to say that she was 'quite happy' with my first commissioning document - about time I got some bloody praise from that woman!

However, she did mention that I had completely failed to talk about Drama, and that Julie Gardner wasn't very happy (who the fuck is she?)

The way I see it, right now Channel 4 are miles ahead when it comes to making itchy drama that connects to My Audience. Skins has really done the fucking business for E4 (I should know that...) so I thought I would concentrate on more pressing areas for the time being. Besides, if you look at my demographic, they don't watch the kind of expensive tripe that comes out of Gardner's department anyway.

To cover my back, I emailed Fifi on the Blackberry saying I would take care of it. But to be honest, I know - and she had better learn quickly - that I FUCKING wear the trousers around here when it comes to My Channel.

Stick that where Eastenders Revealed doesn't fucking shine Fifi!

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