Tuesday, 1 May 2007

The 'pulled together' look

Last minute dash to Regent Street to fork out on a new wardrobe. I’m in luck, not only has the ever reliable Michaela suggested some hot new styles for the Spring season but her ex-boyfriend works at the new super-trendy H&M designer offshoot store Cos, and can do me a 10% staff discount.

It’s vital, says Michaela, that I have an effortless ‘pulled-together’ look – apparently the hot new looks this season is a contemporary take on the French Riviera: blazer, flat pleated trouser & stripes. So, £400 and 2 hours later, I am ready for my meeting. Have gone for a classic preppy-chic look: white washed cotton blazer, stripy t-shirt, piped edge V-neck cardigan, jeans and white converses. It says dapper but edgy; classic but contemporary; stylish but effortless; trendy but not a slave to fashion.

Most of all it says I’m a channel controller not to fuck with.

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