Thursday, 31 May 2007

I am *totally* down with the kids

Got some funny looks today because I was wearing Birkenstocks, jeans and my favourite retro Judas Priest print T-shirt. Everyone naturally assumes I should be suited (given the massive importance of my job) but this is where I like to take a leaf out of Andy D's wardrobe: he's struck a popularity goldmine by slinging on any old shit polo shirt! The man is a satorial management genius. His casual (some say sloppy, but not me) attire gives him instant street cred with the kids.

I need my staff to know that their 'bossman' can also 'hang loose' if he wants to. I might even pick up some things from Topshop on the way home tonight.

To top it all off, I am very pleased to see I now have 147 friends on my TVController myspace page which makes me by far the most important and popular TV bigwig online (a big up-yours to Steve Gowans and his posse... bless them). I even had the rap DJ Tim Westwood leave me a message: ("thanks for reaching out! - appreciate the love - Westwood"). Wow!

This online experience is really helping to develop my understanding of what The Kids want to watch. Take for example my favourite new-found friend who is called Wicked Girl, a very *normal* 26 year old multi-media consumer. Have a look at her here

She lists her favourite shows as: Simpsons, Lost, Eastenders, Big Brother and watching "free satellite TV on my PC through broadband". I'm not quite sure what on earth this means but it sounds very modern. She has a totally different way of consuming media to the rest of us, and even prefers to download free films to her PSP. One of her interests is to "customise her mobile cell phone with wallpapers and ringtones".

I love her. And I've already asked Anthony to invite her to the Corporation to take part in a focus group.

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gilesw said...

Heya tvc,

I don't read blogs on a regular basis but I keep coming back to yours. Keep up the good work. Bung a paypal on your site or something and I'd send you some dollar.